Thalgo Facial Treatments


We offer a full range of Thalgo facials to suit all skin types from dry/ dehydrated to sensitive to fine lines and wrinkles. Thalgo products are 100% seaweed based and hold a medical and process patent for their product. Seaweed is excellent for all types of skin and has wonderful healing properties especially for eczema and psoriasis and sensitivity of the skin.

Marine Aquarelle

Marine cure for devitalised and dehydrated skin. Combining high performance liposomes for intense hydration with rebalancing marine algae

Price: £44

Pure Collagen Velvet Mask Facial

A Luxurious treatment for moisture deficiency, fine lines and wrinkles. This 100% collagen velvet mask impregnates the skin with soluble collagen, feeding the skins own fibre.Ideal for sun damage and dehydration.

Price: £45 (Pure Collagen Super 3 in 1- £80-00)

Collagen Eye Contour Facial

An intensive treatment for fine lines, crows feet (not suitable for puffy eyes).

Price: £25

The Beauty of Healthy Skin

This professional tailor made Facial channels the essential Powers and Benefits of the Ocean for Beautiful Healthy Skin
Choose From : 1) Ultra Soothing for Dry/ Sensitive Skin
2) Hydrating Radiance for Dehydrated Skin
3) Intense Regulating for Oily/ Combination Skin

Price: £40

Illuminating Mini Pep-Me-Up

Enhances the Complexion- Reveals the Beauty of Dull and Tired looking Skin
Tailored to suit your skin.

Add Steam and Extraction to any of our facials - Add £5.00

Price: £23

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